July, 2021

Stop hiding [part 3]

Speak Schmeak

Remember last year, when no one could get their hair cut or colored professionally? There was a huge panic among women.especially around those silver roots?????????. Remember what happened? Thousands, maybe millions, of women went natural!

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A Lesson from the Colosseum

Manner of Speaking

In June 2021, I took a stroll around Colosseum in Rome, Italy. I was in Rome because I had speaking engagements there and, a few days later, in Turin – my first in-person events in almost a year because of the pandemic.


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Personal SWOT Analysis: Quick Guide (with Examples)


Job interviewers want to know what your weaknesses are. Your boss wants to know what plans you have for continuous improvement. And you want to know what threats to look out for that could stunt your growth.

3 Steps to Booking High Fee Speaking Engagements

Speaker Launcher

If you are a public speaker who wants to take things up a notch or two so you can book more high fee speaking engagements; then this article is for you! Let me share three critical elements that all professional speakers booking high fee speaking gigs are doing.

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How To Get (And Keep) Others Committed To Change

Duarte Blog

When Graham Weston came up with the idea to move Rackspace’s headquarters to the once-thriving but empty Windsor Park Mall in a struggling area of San Antonio, he was thrilled at the possibility of breathing life back into his hometown and attracting new talent.

7 Reasons How Great Marketing Presentations Can Upscale Your Business


The sole purpose of marketing for any company is to advocate its products and services to raise brand awareness and generate sales. This task can never be accomplished with dull demonstrations.

Stop hiding [part 1]

Speak Schmeak

I consider this to be a horribly unflattering picture of me. Not only is my hair thinning, I have a couple of bald spots that happened spontaneously a couple of years ago that never grew back. I don't like how my aging body looks a lot of the time.

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No such thing as an intelligent theist

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as an intelligent theist. And I am not just talking fundamentalists. I am talking about anybody who believes in God, heaven and/or hell. In fact, I am not … Continue reading →

Systems for Generating Leads with Ravi Abuvala

Speaker Launcher

Listen to hear Ravi Abuvala talk about how he scaled 2, 7-figure businesses with less than $1,000 of his own capital in just over a year! The post Systems for Generating Leads with Ravi Abuvala appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Q&A: Top Delivery Struggles Speakers Face & How to Combat Them Expertly

Duarte Blog

In our recent webinar Top Delivery Struggles Speakers Face we received many thoughtful questions. Here Jeff Davenport, Speaker Coach and Content Developer, answers the top questions received so you can expertly overcome the most common struggles speakers face and inspire your audience to act.

5 PowerPoint Design Principles to Make Your Presentations Stand Out


How do you look at your presentation – as just a fancy list or a great story that has the power to change the preconceived notions and perceptions of the audience?

They don't even notice

Speak Schmeak

Do you see my tattoo? Most people don't. My first two tattoos were on my back, and after listening to me whine about wanting another one for, um, several years, my husband gave me a gift certificate to a tattoo artist for our 14th anniversary (now 18 years ago). ??

Two Japanese Words for Public Speakers

Manner of Speaking

I love the Japanese culture and hope to visit Japan one day. It is a country with a rich heritage. I especially appreciate the ability of the Japanese to find beauty in simplicity and removing what is unnecessary. Japanese is an incredibly intricate language.

Why I did not celebrate Canada Day

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I made it through July 1 without wishing anybody a happy Canada Day and without celebrating the day in any way. That was my small, miniscule really, support of the indigenous people in this country. I find it difficult to … Continue reading →


#SpeakerSuccessTip: Have a Point of View – Even If It Means Some Might Not Love You!

Speaker Launcher

One thing that happens to many public speakers as they start to grow and become more in demand and popular is they find that not everyone agrees with their philosophies or point of view. And guess what…that’s okay! Not everyone has to love you!

Why You Should Absolutely Avoid Using Filler Words (& How to Actually Stop)

Duarte Blog

Imagine you’re telling a story to co-workers about a road trip you took a few years back. You set up the context of the trip including where you were going, why you were going there, and who was in the car with you. But as you list out the people in the car, you realize [.] continue reading. The post Why You Should Absolutely Avoid Using Filler Words (& How to Actually Stop) appeared first on Duarte.

50 Years Ago.

Speak and Deliver

All in the Family Anti-Semitism Archie Bunker Meathead Norman Lear Racism


You will be judged

Speak Schmeak

I haven't been completely honest with you. I've been posting a lot lately about body positivity and age positivity because so many women hold themselves back from getting in front of an audience because of shame or embarrassment about their bodies and their appearance.

One Thing – Stick to That and Everything Else Don’t Mean S**t

Manner of Speaking

City Slickers is one of my favourite movies. It’s a 1991 Western comedy starring Billy Crystal , Daniel Stern , Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance. It received critical claim and won several awards. It is frequently hilarious but also contains some deep truths about life. Well worth watching.

How to Create and Present Comprehensive Social Media Reports


Making and presenting social media reports is an important task in social media marketing. Following management best practices, monitoring and control is a crucial task. In order to monitor the social media efforts, plans are created and KPI´s defined based on the original objectives.

Client Success Spotlight: How to Find a Niche that Pays Dividends with Sheri Fitts

Speaker Launcher

Just how narrow is your lane? Have you chosen a specific market? Join me to hear Sheri Fitts share how finding the right niche helped to scale her speaking business. The post Client Success Spotlight: How to Find a Niche that Pays Dividends with Sheri Fitts appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

A Quick Way to Zap Performance Anxiety


Once I was on stage feeling just great, about to sing a well-rehearsed song. Then I put my hand to my heart and felt it pounding in my chest. I was amazed to find that I was nervous and panicked. I was experiencing performance anxiety.

Movie Night

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Fathers and Daughters Leadership Toastmasters Training

Stop hiding [part 2]

Speak Schmeak

"Forgive the no-makeup face!" Please don’t judge the 'fresh face.'" "Ignore the no-makeup morning face." Forgive the 'I work from home' messy bun and lack of makeup." Have you apologized for your appearance on social media? This is a picture I deleted the other day instead of posting.

10 reasons to walk the room before you speak

Manner of Speaking

In November 2018, I spoke at an event in Genoa, Italy for a big corporate client. I arrived the day before I was scheduled to speak. One of the reasons why I went early, was so I could “walk the room” beforehand.

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Golden Ratio: What is and How it can be used in Design


What makes something beautiful? Could there be a formula for beauty, and is it possible to calculate the possibility of designing a beautiful building, painting, or digital art? It turns out there is a way to calculate all these things using the Golden Ratio (1.618).

4 Things to Consider Before Raising Your Speaking Fees

Speaker Launcher

One question that has been coming up in various circles in our Wealthy Speaker Community is if now is the right time to raise your speaking fees. Since I love talking about money, I love talking about fees. So let’s look at four things you need to consider before raising your speaking fees.

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6 Ways to Crush Your Remote Sales Presentations


As a salesperson, you must be used to giving presentations. But in this pandemic-led ‘work from home’ scenario, it’s a little harder to sustain your remote audience’s interest. After all, research shows that people’s attention doesn’t go beyond the 10/15-minute mark.

Keep on Trackin'

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What if you lost your words?

Speak Schmeak

Remember how boring "vocab" was when we were in school? Learning the meanings of endless words that we probably would never use? I don't think of vocabulary very often, but since my dad had a stroke on Tuesday, it's been top of mind.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 340) – Anthony Fauci

Manner of Speaking

Anthony Fauci – American Physician, Scientist and Immunologist “I accept and welcome the opportunity to have an impact [in the battle against Covid-19] because I know the things I can do well and the things that I would prefer not to do.

STAR Interview Method for Behavioral Interviews


Interviews today often place significant emphasis on behavioral interviewing, rather than solely relying on an examination of a candidate’s technical skills. Simply put, these are questions that are meant to have candidates explain how they solve problems.

The Benefits of Hiring a Coach with Lisa Larter

Speaker Launcher

Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself and your business. Listen to hear Lisa Larter talk about when and why you should hire a coach. The post The Benefits of Hiring a Coach with Lisa Larter appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

The Future of Email and Why You Are Ahead of the Game

SpeakerSue Says...

My friend, Dan Burrus, is really smart. He is a “technology futurist and disruptive innovation expert.” It’s a mouthful but when it comes from his mouth, he makes it all make sense. So when Dan mentioned that the future of communication is a blend of science and art, he made that make sense too. The science part – the transactional, factual and informational – will soon be taken over by AI. Anybody can provide facts. The other part is art.

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Ok, I'll Try It.

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Accountability Fit Bit Steps Tracking


Can your audience identify themselves?

Speak Schmeak

I had a revelation a couple of years ago. The people I was trying to reach with my public speaking coaching services didn't know they were speakers! ?? Turns out that a lot of people who give presentations to promote their work and grow their businesses don't see themselves as speakers. ?????????

Do this calculation every time you speak in public

Manner of Speaking

Whenever you have a speech or presentation to deliver, there’s a calculation that you should always do beforehand. Multiply the time you have to speak by the number of people whom you anticipate will be in the audience. The result is the true amount of your speaking time.

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