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Give Your Customers Uplifting Content to Kick Off Each Monday

Content Marketing Today

Lynda McNutt Foster Delivers with Her Weekly Launch List. . Lynda overflows with brains, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun.

How to Handle Q and A

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

How do you handle Q and A?    The traditional way is to take the first 45 minutes of an hour to talk, and then stop, saying, "I'd be happy to answer your questions now."  "  What happens?    You handle a few good questions, and then the session starts to run out of gas.    Result? 

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Do you give out prizes when you train? Do you sing and dance?

PowerPoint Tips

Trainers know that they have to work hard to keep the attention of their students. These trainers struggle to keep their sessions lively.

Do you turn down speaking gigs because you're not "the expert?"

The Eloquent Woman

In the recent post Do you talk yourself out of speaking--or say yes to opportunity? I was exploring the suggestion I've heard that qualified women speakers refer invitations on to men or otherwise turn down speaking gigs they might have taken. I don't think they necessarily believe they know more or will do better.

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What are your questions about presentations?

Executive Speech Coach

What questions do you have about presentations and public speaking? Perhaps something that happened in a past presentation troubled you. Maybe you are preparing for a future presentation. What questions do you have? Maybe I can help you. No guarantees. But I will try to answer your questions as best and helpful as I can.

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Putin, Pomp & Circumcision

Max Atkinson

We Brits sometimes boast that we're rather good at organising formal state occasions. On this evidence, the Russians don't do a bad job at it either.

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Are your site inspections losing the business?

SpeakerSue Says...

My son and his fiancee kindly invited me to join them as they visited several locations for their upcoming wedding. Because I’m always there as “SpeakerSue” and everyone is on best behavior, I never get to experience a “real” site. (It’s It’s better that way!) Where did he propose? ” OMG. Tell us! -.

Resumes for speechwriting

Joan Detz Speaker Services

This week, several entry-level speechwriters asked me to review their resumes. In each case I asked, “Do you have any foreign language skills?” ” In each case, they had some basic skills … in Spanish, German, French, etc. I urged them to cite those skills on their resumes. And if you’re fluent in several languages?


Pivotal Public Speaking

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” -Oliver Wendell Holmes. … and what a wonderful accomplishment if we, as speakers, can provide that moment!! quotations about public speaking