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From the vault: 7 times to turn down a speaking gig

The Eloquent Woman

It might seem counterproductive to turn down speaking requests--after all, they give you a chance to promote yourself, your cause, your company or your career. But in these cases, I'd advise you to at least take a second look or turn down the opportunity outright.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 118)

Manner of Speaking

Steve Martin - American Comedian, Actor, Playwright, Author and Musician. “Some people have a way with words and other people … uh … not have way.” ” — Steve Martin. Photo courtesy of Joella Marano. Filed under: Humour , Quotes for Public Speakers. Humour Quotes for Public Speakers public speaking quotes quotes Steve Martin

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Storytelling - IV. 5 Ideas. 5 Blogs. 5 Days.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

This is the fourth blog in a series about storytelling – 5 in 5 days.    Everyone seems to get it that storytelling is important, because we’re awash in data and information and can’t remember it all.    But we do remember stories.    That’s because they are how our brains work.    For example, they are why we all feel that it’s safer to drive than fly, even though the statistics prove the opposite. 

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Six Degrees of Your Great Ideas

Speak and Deliver

I drive my wife nuts. I know none of you are surprised by this. Perhaps its better for me to say I drive my wife nuts in many, many ways! The one that matters today might just help you find your next great idea - so I'll see if I can focus on that for you.

Politeness in the Workplace: Self-Test

The Communication Blog

I originally created this self-test on politeness for the revision of Interpersonal Messages but later decided to use a more general (and shorter) self-test for politeness. But, I thought this one might be of use as well, especially for those who want to focus on the workplace. Test Yourself. How Polite Are You at Work? Here is a list of statements that refer to polite behavior with special application to the workplace.

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Politeness as an Interpersonal Relationship Theory

The Communication Blog

This brief discussion of politeness as an interpersonal relationship theory comes from my Interpersonal Communication Book but I thought that those using Interpersonal Messages or Essentials of Human Communication might also find this relevant. Another approach to relationships looks at politeness as a major force in developing, maintaining, and deteriorating relationships.

Media tip (for speechwriters and presenters)

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Whether you’re writing the speech or delivering the speech, be sure it has a great title. Great titles get noticed, get remembered, and get quoted. Note: Titles are particularly important with commencement speeches