Thu.Mar 22, 2018

Performance Anxiety No More: How to Stop Stuttering When You Present

Duarte Blog

Recently we received a tweet from a follower of @Duarte requesting advice to help a stuttering presenter. The presenter is competent with the material,” the message said, “but gets nervous and begins to stutter on stage.”

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10 Tips for… Creating Great Visual Aids

Presentation Guru

We’ve boiled down all of our advice about visual aids into ten golden rules – follow these and you’ll always have your audience’s attention for the right reason. 1) Do the slides last.

Troy Schueller - He Had Had Enough

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Troy Schueller committed suicide.    He had been principal at Coeur d'Alene high school in Idaho.    Some time before he fatally shot himself he made a public statement about the difficultly of going on living after experiencing so much trauma. Here is the media coverage.

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Leveraging your Uniqueness to Book More Business with Jessica Pettitt

Speaker Launcher

As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance if you want to make it in the speaking business. Beyond that, you also need to have a strong understanding of what sets you apart from the competition. This is why we’re talking today about how to book more business by […]. The post Leveraging your Uniqueness to Book More Business with Jessica Pettitt appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Sundays - Ethnic Men Washing and Waxing their Cars

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Mark Misercola is 12 years younger than I. He grew up in Buffalo, New York. I grew up in the New York Metro area. Yet, we have identical memories of Sundays of what was for each of us "the old neighborhood."

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This CA Supreme Court Ruling Could Shut Down Your College

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

All institutions of higher education in America likely will be conducting meetings with their lawyers, mental health counselors, and chief financial officers. Those will be about the implications of the California Supreme Court ruling that colleges in that state are responsible for student safety. 

2018 52

John Dowd - Voice Crying Out for a Public Relations Pro or, a Better One

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

John Dowd needs his own public relations representative. Or a better one than he currently has. When resigning from U.S. president Donald Trump's legal team to manage Robert Mueller's probe of Russian Campaign 2016 interference, Dowd said he wishes his former boss well. Mistake.

2018 52

Facebook Fails Crisis Communications - Competitor Which Is Responsive Can Crush that Social Network

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

During the volatile 21st century, crisis communications is a mature industry.    Everyone  knows the drill. Interview school children post-shooting and they are totally media savvy. Facebook did not follow the drill.