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Teleprompters are a relatively recent addition to the field of oratory. Since that time, scores of political figures and business people have used teleprompters to deliver speeches. In the best of all possible scenarios, the speaker reading from the teleprompter panels appears to be looking directly into the camera or directly at the audience and speaking spontaneously. Here are some tips which will make you less stilted when using a teleprompter.

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You will be able to maintain eye contact with the audience. Obama is particularly good in this respect, although he usually has a teleprompter to each side to give him the appearance (especially on TV) of speaking without notes. Chances are you will not be using teleprompters very often. Filed under: Delivery , Seth Godin. Delivery Seth Godin Barack Obama notes public speaking reading Ronald Reagan using notes Winston Churchill

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How to stop waffling once and for all

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Don’t take your eyes off the audience. Keep an eye on the audience”. And when we’re threatened our instinct is to keep an eye on the threat. Because that’s what it takes to stop waffling – taking your eye off the audience so that you can look at your notes.

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How your smartphone can help you become a better presenter

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Video recording is great for making you aware of the visual aspects of your presentation delivery. As well as the audio applications mentioned above, video is a really useful tool for fine tuning your non-verbal delivery such as… a) Irritating repetitive hand gestures. e) quantity and quality of eye contact. a) Teleprompter apps for Android and iOS. Nowadays there are a wealth of Teleprompter and Autocue apps available for Android and iOS devices.

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Presentation Skills for Executives

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Assess how you show up by videotaping your presentations and analyzing tone of voice, demeanor , eye contact, body language and authenticity. Craft your story(ies) well in advance of your presentation so you can practice your delivery, tone, pauses, inflection and facial expressions. Keep eye contact front and center on your to-do list. Good presentation skills are good presentation skills, no matter what position or title you hold.right? Well, yes.and no.

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04/21/09 | Reported as spam RE: Five Ways to Speak Like Obama Ok, I dont know what speeches youve been listening to, but without his teleprompter, he is not someone that I would try to emulate myself after. Finally, if it were not for teleprompters, it would not be possible for him to speak as eloquently as you have described. Without his teleprompter, he is not someone that I would try to emulate myself after. Use a Teleprompter.

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