Time with Teachers-- or What I Did on my Summer Vacation

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I''ve just returned from a three-day trip to Indianapolis, where I joined more than 85 members of the Madison Metropolitan School District and the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County spending their unpaid time participating in AVID Summer Institute. I listened closely to their casual conversations, hoping to gain insight into the sources of the laziness and ineptitude I''ve heard so much about. I am a tenured professor, and this is July of my first-ever sabbatical.

Segregation silenced this valedictorian: Mary French's inspiring speech, 42 years late

The Eloquent Woman

Kevin O'Neal of The Indianapolis Star reported a remarkable story today about special education teacher Mary French, who got to give her high school valedictorian speech.this week, 42 years after her graduation from Arkansas's Foreman High School.

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The speaker in a crisis

The Eloquent Woman

Kennedy's impromptu remarks at a 1968 Indianapolis rally, in which he informed the mostly black audience of the assassination of Rev. What would you say if you were the speaker and a crisis occurred?

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Making Public Speaking FUN! Part 10

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Professional Speaker Ryan Moran from Indianapolis offers another way to talk to young people: relate directly to them by ‘becoming’ one of them for a bit: Having been involved in student leadership since Jr. Its a conversation Roger and Tim had that was transcribed to an 11-page report.

The Art of Butts in Chairs | chrisbrogan.com


Extend the conversation - We’re looking at this right now. I’m selecting the right social platform to wrap around the event so that we can have conversations in and around the event, and not just at the event. So, I’m looking for other ways to extend the conversation.

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