Famous Speech Friday: Chai Jing's "Under the Dome" Documentary

The Eloquent Woman

Viral doesn't even begin to describe this spring's wild ride for Chai Jing's "Under the Dome," a 104-minute documentary on air pollution in China. Much of what Chai included in the documentary has been reported before, but she skillfully weaves together topics like diesel refining and bureaucratic corruption with information on atmospheric chemistry and the history of smog across the globe. Your choice of clothing can speak for you.

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Famous Speech Friday: Debi Jackson on her transgender child

The Eloquent Woman

Mothers get five minutes or so on stage, and cover every topic under the sun. The day I let her go to school in girl clothes, she was happier than I had seen her in a very long time. The speech went viral after it appeared on The Huffington Post , with tens of thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of views, propelled in part by a tweet from singer Ricky Martin.

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