Certified Speaking Professional

Great Public Speaking

Over 450 public and professional speaking videos [link] This is an earned designation of the National Speakers Association.

Public Speaking - Certified Speaking Professional

Great Public Speaking

CSP stands for certified speaking professional. link] 350 public and professional speaking videos. tomantion get paid to speak tom antion businessThis is an earned designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) located in Tempe Arizona.


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Public Speaking: Certified Speaking Professional

Great Public Speaking

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How To Deliver a Profitable Webinar with Rhonda Scharf

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She has earned her Certified Speaking Professional, is a member of […]. Continuing with our efforts to bring you compelling and relevant information while we are still under quarantine, I’ve thought a lot about how we can offer our content virtually.

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Delivering Unforgettable Presentations with Darren LaCroix

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Darren is currently the only speaker in the world who is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), an AS (Accredited Speaker), and […]. In 2001, he outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

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Zoom Tips to Earn More Through Virtual Speaking with Marquesa Pettway

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Marquesa is the Biz Reinvention Expert, Professional Speaker and Speakerpreneur™ creator. She is the 2nd professional speaker to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation in NYC, highest designation a professional speaker.

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Injecting Humor into Your Speech with Tim Gard

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Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and […]. Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and a Counsel of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Hall of Fame Speaker, an elite honor held by fewer than 150 speakers worldwide. Listen the podcast below: Highlights you won’t want to miss: * How I got into speaking.

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How to Engage Your Audience Using Games and Other Fun Tools with Stephen Shapiro

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Stephen currently serves on the Board of Directors of National Speakers Association (NSA) and is the recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, NSA’s highest earned designation. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast accelerating your speaking business audience engagement engage your audience innovative speaking Jane Atkinson presentation speaking Stephen Shapiro

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Leveraging your Uniqueness to Book More Business with Jessica Pettitt

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As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance if you want to make it in the speaking business. As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance if you want to make it in the speaking business. Pettitt is not only a Certified Speaking Professional who works with educators and employers to help them better guide students and staff, respectively, but she’s also a stand-up comedian.

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Overcoming Obstacles and the Power of Attitude with Alvin Law

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The speaking business is really hard work! Making the transition from educational to corporate speaking. Alvin has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an honour possessed by less than ten percent of professional speakers worldwide. Emerging Speaker The Wealthy Speaker Podcast Alvin Law creating balance positive mindset transition from education to corporate speaking Wealthy Speaker School

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Expand your Revenue Streams thru Radio and Books with Jane Jenkins Herlong

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Jane Jenkins Herlong is here to share her journey, starting with speaking for children at an elementary school all the way to the Speaker Hall of Fame. . She is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Certified Speaking Professional, Sirius XM Humorist and best-selling author of four books. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast book publishing Get Paid to Speak getting booked on radio Jane Atkinson Jane Jenkins Herlong radio revenue streams

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FAQ-What is the NSA?

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Its mission is to teach professional speakers, those who speak for a fee, the business of speaking. In other words, to build successful professional speaker-entrepreneurs. There are local NSA chapters in 39 states, and they offer the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) certification, based on years of speaking experience, continuing education, and paid speaking dates. The National Speakers Association (NSA) was founded in 1973.

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Presentation: Clarify your expertise

Executive Speech Coach

Presentation: Clairify your expertise When speaking to a group - being clear on what you don't know helps clairify what you do know. CSP Jeff Mowatt is the bestselling author of the books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month (for managers), and Influence with Ease (for professionals who interact with customers). To help professionals put ideas into action, Jeff heads his own training company and has produced 4 multimedia training kits.

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National Speakers Association > INSIDE NSA > Competencies


To fulfill that commitment, the NSA Board of Directors has adopted Professional Competencies to be mastered by Association members. These competencies guide the selection of program topics for NSA’s educational meetings and publications and form the core curriculum for NSA’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) program. The set of competencies for this area include: Operating a profitable speaking business (e.g.,

Yadda, yadda yadda and other annoying phrases

Executive Speech Coach

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Mandi Stanley Certified Speaking Professional at Mandi Stanley Speaker Services Moving forward, going forward.what other direction would we go in? Doug Lawrence Public Speaking Coach, Speech Writer, and Presentation Advisor I have 2 verbal peeves.