An Executive’s Guide to Pricing Strategy Models


As mentioned already, a value-based pricing strategy means that you model your price around some ballpark number that you think your target buyers are ready to pay. You may need to come up with a tiered pricing strategy to meet the ‘value factor’ for various customer segments.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Viable Go to Market Strategy


Conquering a single market or customer segment is never enough – there’s always room for expanding further. A Go-to-Market Strategy (GTM Strategy) is a tactical framework that breaks down all the steps necessary to succeed in a new market or with a new audience segment. What are the common buyer’s behaviors at different stages of their decision process? How does your ideal buyer look – age, demographics, income, shopping preferences? Distribution.

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3 Conversations You Must Have to Get Big-Fee Speaking Engagements

Pivotal Public Speaking

Conversation #1: Talking to the False Positive Buyer. They were assigned by the real buyer, who found someone themselves and told the false positive folks to shut down the process. ” A false positive buyer will say something like, “Well, no. Conversation #2: Talking to the Real Buyer. The buyer talks in more broad terms, such as what’s going on with the audience and the role the meeting plays in an overall initiative.

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An Introductory Guide to Brand Management For Business Leaders


Improve brand awareness levels among the target buyers. In our previous blog post about psychographic segmentation we also showed how brands like Starbucks, Porsche, and The Meatball Shop, used consumer data to refine their positioning and brand marketing if you care for more examples.

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Niche Marketing - Not So Easy Finding Exactly the Right Niche for Your Business

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, the buyers' market could result in cruel or at least crude treatment by those contracting out assignments.  I niched that down further to the market segment of the over-50. Positioning and packaging myself as a coach whose mission was to outsmart ageism brought in content-creation assignments from atypical market segments.   Among the tools I leveraged to promote the niche was writing and distributing free ebooks related to the niche.

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How to Carry Out a Feasibility Study and Get Better at Business Decision Making


Economic feasibility (also referred to as market feasibility): a detailed investigation into the current market landscape, future market potential, sales projections, competition and target buyers. Desirability: Targeted customer segments, current customer relationships (can be assessed using the VoC data ), main marketing/distribution channels. It’s a well-known fact that projects fail more often than they succeed.

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From Free to Fee: How Experts Get Paid to Speak

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The good news is that many professional services firms already have established relationships with corporate decision makers, so you have the ear (and respect) of the buyers. What they want: These buyers are looking for something more than their association colleagues. Buyers and audiences alike have very different expectations of keynoters. In the association market, buyers want someone with enough visibility to create excitement for the conference.

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