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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales?

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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales? Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating e-books creating e-pubs e-books Kindle books sales of e-booksFind out what Paul Lima has experienced.

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Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

PowerPoint Tips

You might find it valuable to create a report or e-book from a presentation. But how do you turn a presentation into a report or e-book?

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Workshop: Getting Your Book to Market Using Print on Demand (Kitchener)

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This workshop will define POD, spell out how POD works, reveal the author’s responsibility (other than writing the book) and discuss the steps authors can take to prepare books. Self-Publishing & Print On Demand Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses Paul Lima print on demand workshop

[Podcast] Getting Your Book Into Print with Erin Casey

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You’ve been saying it for years: “Someday I’m going to get around to writing that book.” Erin Casey is a ghost-writer, editor and book coach who has helped countless experts get their ideas into published books. Writing a book can seem like a daunting task, but with the right plan, it […]. Well, why not now?

Get your Book in Print Without Going Broke

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Writing the book can often be the easy part! I adore my book design team at Heidy Lawrence Associates. Booking Speecheslink].

Seminar: How to Self-publish and Market your Print on Demand and e-Book

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Seminar: How to Self-publish and Market your Print on Demand and e-Book. 27 in Toronto. Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses

Print on demand: Self-publishing getting started primer

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With the growth in Print on Demand (POD), public speakers, seminar leaders, consultants, technical trainers, financial planners, real estate agents, lawyers, nutritionists and fitness experts, cooks and chefs, people who have lived interesting, and not so interesting, lives, are self-publishing non-fiction books like never before.

Write a Book. Change the World.

Content Marketing Today

Great business books do change the world. You may have the beginnings of a great business book lurking within your brain.

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Introduction to “Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook”

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I presume you are reading this book because you have written a book, or are writing a book or plan to write a book, and are thinking of self-publishing it. Or you have written a book and have been shopping it around but have not landed an agent or publisher, and are now thinking of self-publishing it.

Book marketing hints and tips to help you sell your published or self-published book

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Using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post won't guarantee that your book will become a best seller or that you will sell boxes of books. However, not using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post all but guarantees that you will not sell any, or will only sell a few, books.

Speakers - Where's Your Book?

Speak and Deliver

It's a good book, with some life-changing advice, if one chooses to apply it. Which brings me to a larger point: Where's YOUR book?

Read a book -- you'll be a better speaker

Speak Schmeak

Preferably read something in print, published by a legitimate publisher who pays copy editors to make sure the English language is not butchered.

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52 Books in 52 Weeks - 2014 Challenge Wrap-Up

Speak and Deliver

Below is my list of 52 books (which turned into 61 as I added new books along the way) that I set a goal to read and review in 2014.

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The Interpersonal Communication Book

The Communication Blog

I want to apologize to users of my Interpersonal Communication Book , 14th edition. A paragraph was omitted in the printing. The Interpersonal Communication BookThe following paragraph would be inserted on page 130 before "Personal Distance." Intimate Distance. Again, I apologize. link]. Intimate distance.

Make sure your book title is Amazon “SEO” friendly

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I can’t believe how How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days and several other of my books on writing and freelance writing continue to sell well on Amazon – in the US and the UK, especially as Kindles. Self-Publishing & Print On Demand SEO

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Author sells 10,000th self-published books

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We interrupt this blog to make what I consider a wonderful announcement : Paul Lima has written and self-published 11 books in six years and has sold 10,000 copies of his books. Several of his books on writing are used by colleges and universities. Most of Lima’s books are available in print or as Kindles, ePubs or PDFs.

10 great books to help you think, create, & communicate better in 2012

Presentation Zen

Clicking on the book's icon takes you to (1) This book is quick and easy to read. This is a beautifully designed book.

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Book Review: The Art of Immersion, by Frank Rose

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The implications of the transition from top-down to user-generated content is explored in detail by Frank Rose in his book The Art of Immersion.

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Content Marketing Books to Help Sell the C-Level

Content Marketing Today

I consider this David Meerman Scott book mandatory reading for all marketers. If so, this book can’t lose. Written by Joe Pulizzi.

E-book give-away summer social media contest

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You can win a PDF or Kindle version of any one of my dozen books or short reports. Freelance Writing - General My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand business writing book freelance writing books summer book contest

Book selling milestone reached today

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Just minutes ago, I sold my 1500th print on demand (POD) book through, an online POD sales and fulfillment company. I'm just shy of 3,000 books sold overall through all sources. Self-Publishing & Print On Demand Lightening Source Lulu print on demand

[Podcast] From Presentation to Print with Clint Greenleaf

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You’ve finally written that book that you’ve worked on for so long! What about book distribution? Clint Greenleaf is an author and founder of Greenleaf Book Group. The post [Podcast] From Presentation to Print with Clint Greenleaf appeared first on Jane Atkinson. What about book distribution? Ok, now what?

Tablets Will Soon Transform B2B Book Publishing

Content Marketing Today

Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet will dramatically accelerate the move to e-books. Does this mean that print books will disappear anytime soon?

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY: Print publication for web-based/mobile era

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY , published by Cool Blue Company, is a new print periodical focused on the evolution of social media. That

Print-on-Demand (POD) for Beginners seminar (Toronto; Nov. 12)

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

The Editors’ Association of Canada is sponsoring a Print-on-Demand (POD) for Beginners conduct by yours truly. Self-Publishing & Print On Demand Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses POD print on demand self-publishing

Books & eBooks on copywriting, business writing, business of freelance writing and related topics

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

In 2006, I set out to write a book on the business of freelance writing. Seven years later, I find myself the author of 18 books and short reports. I''m only half way through the 18th book. And one book is no longer in print. OK, that''s not quite true. You''ve come to the right (or should I say "write") place.

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How to book more business and own your niche

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Heck, she’s even written a book on the topic. Stephanie Chandler is a Silicon Valley refugee who left a stressful job on the [.]

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10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’.

Content Marketing Today

Print magazines can be a powerful weapon within your content marketing arsenal. That’s why we know you will want to buy the book.

In time for Christmas: Books on business, promotional, article writing and business of freelance writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Just in time for Christmas for the writer on your gift list: popular print and e-books (for Kindle and Kobo) on business, promotional, book, article, social media and website writing, self-publishing and the business of freelance writing. Prepare for interviews with print and broadcast reporters.

Chapter 1: How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Chapter 1: Can You Write A Book In 60 Days? Is it possible to write a book in 60 days? I have written 11 books and short reports —each in less than 60 days. Many other writers I know have written books in under 60 days too. This book will show you how to do it. Books do not write themselves. It can be done.

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How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days: Review

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Paul Lima has written a thin paperback called How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days. If you are an aspiring writer of non-fiction, you should read Paul’s book and take his advice. He has written 15 books and short reports; each publication took him fewer than 60 days to write. Review by Franklin Carter. publishers.

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SEO in non-fiction book titles can boost sales

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[Excerpt from Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook - [link] . I can’t believe how well How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days and several other of my books on writing and freelance writing continue to sell on Amazon, in the US and the UK, as print and Kindle books.

18 books for the writer in you

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Looking for a book for the writer in you or a writer you know? Here is where you can find 18 books on business and promotional writing, article, book, web and social media writing, self-publishing and the business of freelance writing. Most are available in print, Kindle and epub (Kobo) versions:

Speak Up For Your Business - by Michelle Mazur - Book 22 of 52 in 52

Speak and Deliver

Yet another book not on my list, but just released, and directed straight at those who read Speak & Deliver! And she owns it. Love this.

2014 24

The Nonverbal Communication Book Preface

The Communication Blog

Recently, I published The Nonverbal Communication Book with Kendall Hunt. The Nonverbal Communication Book. The Nonverbal Communication Book is one of many textbooks currently available for the popular Nonverbal Communication course. This book, however, is different in several important respects. Welcome. Step 2. Step 3.

Book 10 of 52 in 52: The Media Training Bible - Brad Phillips

Speak and Deliver

Brevity and clarity are the two over-riding themes in the book, and Phillips has laid the book out in an ideal format - 101 tips, each just two pages.

2014 26

One Writer’s Tale of Self-Publishing

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In 2009, 76% of all books released were self-published, according to Publishers Weekly. The number of self-published print and e-books continue to grow exponentially while the number of books issued by traditional publishers declines. Published Articles Self-Publishing & Print On Demand

1,500 books sold

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This just in: I’ve officially sold 1,500 Print on Demand books. I look forward to porting my books over to the print on demand printer LSI (from the POD [.]. Tags: My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand print on demand self-publising It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

When the Economist acknowledges Print on Demand, you know it’s taking off

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The boom in printing on demand Just press print; new technology promises to prolong the life of the book ESPRESSO might seem an odd name for a bookmaking machine. Tags: Self-Publishing & Print On Demand print on demand

Book review: Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

PowerPoint Tips

If you use Office on the Mac, this book is for you! If you’re not familiar with All-in-One For Dummies books, they’re thick!

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