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Grow Your Business With Tips Booklets

A booklet gives you author status with less time, money, and stress to create than writing a book. Print it as a booklet, record it as an audio or video tape, develop it into daily reminder cards, use a tip per day on a calendar. You may even license reprint rights for very large quantities of booklets, or license your information into other languages and other formats.

How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages

Free talks and book signings are fun for the extrovert, but dont yield much unless you give at least six talks a month. Dont just taut yourself or your book; show some benefits of your service with a written concept statement such as "I help business people manifest their book dream." Should I brand my speaking business with a short book? Either an electronic book or print book, or both. Books are the #1 product bought online.

Free Product and Service Promotion with Big Results for Speakers and Coaches

Maybe not even that much. Some Promotions Work Better than Others While press releases, book reviews, post cards, business cards, networking, appearances on radio and TV, and selling products from the back of the room brought me some success, it was slow and small. And, it was getting to be too much work to sell my books. I learned that print books can actually be sold through eBooks and other Online promotions. Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach.