The Secret to Writing a Call to Action in A Persuasive Speech

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The way to ensure that you write a call to action that persuades is to keep in mind that one size does NOT fit all—and you’ve got to tailor your CTAs. They can be engineers, artists, or entrepreneurs; they handle fewer day-to-day tasks and more of the conceptual work. However, to make sure your well-tailored CTAs lands, you shouldn’t end with your call to action. Audience Engagement Delivery Presentations Tips

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5 reasons you haven't signed up for the Shake Up Your Speaking retreat

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This retreat is tailored to YOU and your needs, unlike free information that you can gather online. I'm an engineer (or lawyer, or fitness trainer, or artist, or pastor, or therapist, or retailer, etc.) If you really want to make an impact on your audience, you need to keep your content and your delivery fresh. We're getting down to the wire. Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real. Get Results" begins on March 21. My Bring-a-Friend rate expires on Friday.

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