Schoolmarm Wal-Mart

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Those claims range from gender to overtime issues.     Soon enough, there will be TV and mainstream magazine advertisements of Wal-Mart employees in their caps and gowns as they march to management positions in the retail chain. If it looks, walks, smells like a brilliant public relations move, maybe it is. 

How dynamic starts can help you get "good on your feet" when presenting

The Eloquent Woman

Worse, some speakers use the start to give the audience something to dread, as in the speaker who announces he's going to go off-topic or overtime. When you're seeking ways to make your presentations or speeches more dynamic, it's tough to beat the impact of a dynamic start.

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Business Marketing Tips for the Non-Stop Marketing

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

It also works as a sales and marketing person 24 hours a day and never asks for overtime! I'm talking about those little specialty-advertising items on which you have your name printed. Meet with an advertising specialty firm to see what items such as this will be helpful to your customers. Business Marketing Tips for the Non-Stop Marketing. How you can attract, retain and extend your relationship with customers. by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE.