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Famous Speech Friday: Margaret Edson's 2008 Smith College commencement address

The Eloquent Woman

Photo from Smith College) 2008 Smith College Commencement Margaret Edson from Smith College on Vimeo. Classroom teaching produces nothing.

2008 20

How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

How to Change the World A practical blog for impractical people. « A Brief History of Mine | Main | Resolution Assistance » December 30, 2005 The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint I suffer from something called Ménière’s disease—don’t worry, you cannot get it from reading my blog. However, I have another theory. You can.

2008 28

"Over the Moon" - Way Back in 2008, Already Over-Used BuzzPhrase

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That was the situation way back in 2008. For example, a woman who had difficulty conceiving gives birth to a healthy child.

Top 10 Best Presentations Ever at KnowHR Blog

Great speakers and amazingly inspirating Willis Witze Jan 7th, 2008 really cool post, just bookmarked! Arun Pattnaik Jan 11th, 2008 Hey, You should watch out for browser compatibility for your blog. Nathan Ketsdever Feb 16th, 2008 I think Seth Godin at TED was much better than his marketing presentation. Flair, baby. is this it?

2008 23

The power of language (or, how I got in trouble for saying "pee")

Speak Schmeak

She felt that I was giving them the wrong message about how to present themselves as speakers. I did my research on the group beforehand. We pee a lot.

2008 21

Why lists of three: mystery, magic or reason?

Max Atkinson

The fact that the three-part list is such a commonly used rhetorical technique often raises the question of what it is about the number 3 that’s so special. It’s sometimes suggested that there must be something magical or mystical about it. But there is, I think, a much more rational explanation. In: George Psathas, eds. Interaction Competence.

2008 14

You don't have to prove how smart you are

Speak Schmeak

I recently came across a blogger who wants to follow "smart people" on Twitter. His definition of smart is that you teach him something. Fair enough.

See, hear and taste your audience

Speak Schmeak

It's a common occurrence that we get so wrapped up in our thoughts that we are not aware of what's happening around us. See them as individuals. Smile.

9 things you can learn from a home shopping show

Speak Schmeak

You want to see a real public speaking pro at work? Watch a few minutes of a home shopping channel. We're all selling something. That's selling, baby!

2008 11

Presenting to the Twitter Backchannel

More than PowerPoint...

“Content isn't king. Conversation is king. And often, the most exciting content you experience at conferences is not delivered by the keynote speaker.

2008 11

Rhetoric & imagery in Obama's victory speech

Max Atkinson

Max Atkinson is author of Lend Me Your Ears: All You Need to Know about Making Speeches and Presentations (London, Vermilion, 2004 & New York, Oxford University Press, 2005), and Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy: Seven Essential Steps to Success (London, Vermilion, 2008), available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA by clicking links from here

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Holidays 2008

Speaking Of...

To all speakers and blog followers--happiest of holidays this year and much success in 2009. holidays

A Message from Zimbabwe – Sometimes Speech is Not Free

Matt Eventoff

On November 2nd, in between getting off the train and going to the gym, I pulled up to my polling location, ran in, voted, and ran back to the car. .

Death by PowerPoint Watch: 2008

More than PowerPoint...

In 2008, we see the biggest increase: from 82,400 to 366,000. I want to see how many pages the big G will deliver for this tired cliche.

Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2008

Speaking Of...

Person of the Year, 2008. Was there really any doubt who this would be? It's no accident he happens to be a skilled speaker

2008 1

The Queen's Speech, 2008

Max Atkinson

If you read my observations on The Queen's Speech:an exception that proves the ruler (12th November blog entry) and would be interested in seeing her latest performance, click on the title above to watch her delivering this year's speech, or here if you'd like to read the full script

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Republican Convention 2008

Speaking Of...

Sorry, no comments about their speakers. Not impressed by any of them, or their messages.

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Independence Day 2008

Speaking Of...

The original US flag To a speaker, the most cherished freedom is the freedom of expression. As we pause to celebrate our independence in the USA on July 4, consider how many of the peoples in the world struggle to speak their minds.

Speaking Goals for 2008

Speaking Of...


Memorable Speeches-Democratic Convention 2008

Speaking Of...

I confess, I didn't watch the 2008 Democratic Convention from gavel to gavel. Instead, I relied on You Tube to watch and listen to the speakers I wanted to hear, after reviewing the entire list of scheduled speakers. So my ranking below isn't all inclusive, it's a short summary of why I thought each speaker scored (or not) with the audience.

what to do when you're losing the audience

The Eloquent Woman

The daylong training allows for plenty of questions, and I'm always eager to hear what speakers and would-be speakers have on their minds.

what does it take to get on the program?

The Eloquent Woman

What does it take for a conference to feature more women speakers on the program? Nina Simosko asked "Women speakers where are you?"

Tom Peters: High on rhetoric but low on content?

Max Atkinson

Although I’ve never seen Tom Peters in action, I’ve heard from people who have that he’s a pretty impressive performer. Content-free presentations?

NUS COMMENCEMENT 2008! « The Shy Speaker's Guide to Success on Stage

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

What made you apply/try out for the position of Live Presenter for NUS Commencement 2008? Comments d says: July 30, 2008 at 11:02 am woohoo! Reply Gary says: August 8, 2008 at 6:30 pm Hey Anand, you should try your hand at stand up comedy too! Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS! It was exciting and fun! Carpe Diem!

signaling "let's get down to business"

The Eloquent Woman

Alice in Infoland asked: Male speakers often signal "let's get down to business" by taking off their jackets and/or rolling up their shirtsleeves.

Record Your Presentation? The Audacity!

More than PowerPoint...

I recorded only the spoken part of my presentation the other day. Not for posterity. Not for posting online. I do this a lot, actually. It's tough.

The Presentation Grand Finale: 3 Ways to Close with a Bang!

More than PowerPoint...

Most fireworks presentations feature a super-explosive Grand Finale. And maybe even a little hard-of-hearing! And smiles. You can tell. Whimper!

Best and worst communicators of 2008

Speak Schmeak

It's time again for Bert Decker's annual top ten lists of best and worst communicators. Read the post, watch the videos and see what you think.

PowerPoint for Mac

PowerPoint Tips

If you’re using PowerPoint on a Mac, especially PowerPoint 2008, you should get the only book that covers it, Office 2008 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies. Tags: Review book Mac PowerPoint 2008 The authors are both Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and experts in their field. Have you read it? What do you think?

Slideware Shoot-Out: Keynote ‘09, PowerPoint 2008, & OpenOffice 3 Impress

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Having only Keynote on my laptop wasn’t going to cut it, so I bought a copy of Office 2008 and downloaded OpenOffice 3.0 Interface.

Obama's rhetoric renews UK media interest in the 'lost art' of oratory

Max Atkinson

Judging from the number of approaches from the media I've had since the election of Barack Obama, his outstanding speaking ability seems to have made some in our media wake up to the fact that, with the notable exceptions of Tony Blair and David Cameron, there's been a shortage of good orators in recent British politics. MERE RHETORIC?

Rhetoric, oratory and Barack Obama's 'The Speech' (2004)

Max Atkinson

About eighteen months ago, David Bernstein of the Chicago Magazine phoned me. They were, he said, preparing a major article on the keynote speech given at the 2004 Democratic Convention by Barack Obama. As an Englishman with only an occasional interest In American politics, my immediate reaction was “Who?” Reagan) • Good at 'surfing' applause (c.f.

Wisdom of forethought?

Max Atkinson

Back in 2004, when Brownites were busy briefing against Tony Blair, I wrote an article questioning whether Gordon Brown would make a good or better leader. It was rejected by the various newspapers I sent it to, but, in the light of events since he became Prime Minister, I don't think it was too far off the mark: Can Labour afford to back Brown?

SPEECHGATE! Did Melania Trump "Steal" Passages from Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC Address?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Several passages of Melania Trump's WOW speech closely mirrored passages from Michelle Obama's address at the 2008 DNC. SPEECHGATE!

The Visual Slide Revolution named as one of the Top 10 Business Books of 2008

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Yesterday I was proud to see my latest book, "The Visual Slide Revolution" named as one of the Top 10 Business Books of 2008 by Canada's leading national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. You can see the full article at [link]. The publicity caused the book to reach the top 500 of all books sold at one point yesterday on

Thought Trap #6: Fortune telling

Speak Schmeak

This seems to be an appropriate thought trap to address on this last day of 2008. Some of us are making resolutions, some are setting goals.

Coming from behind to win

Speak Schmeak

Even though I no longer compete, I find that I can apply the lessons I learn from athletes to other aspects of my life, including public speaking.

I'm not afraid

Speak Schmeak

Emily at Library Revolution decided that, instead of resolutions, she would choose a mantra for 2008 instead. Her mantra: I'm Not Afraid.

Stand Up Inside Yourself

Speak Schmeak

It is open to the public. I am holding my own seminar, Stand Up Inside Yourself, on Sunday, May 18th at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.


Speak Schmeak

What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008? Here you go! What is the story behind the name of your blog? various Yiddish words] colloq.,